Session 2

Alas we’re at the town!

The inn is shit and Jacques gets into a fight club… with a giant octopus… and he kerb-stomped it… okay…

Plot twist! Karsin’s enchanted axe is fused with his hand and Barnaby can’t eat as food turns to ash in his mouth! The Djinn has tricked our unfortunate heroes and merely laughs at their plight (although his appearance has changed… MYSTERIOUS)

Malachai seems to be their only option so they go to so they go to drop the carriage off to their buyer BUT bandits have taken him hostage.

Multiple severely mauled bandits later and our heroes are VICTORIOUS although with a man down.

Now our heroes are off to Malachai’s Tower to heal their ethereal maladies and to get rid of this pesky Djinn!



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